The IOGCC "Data Explorer"

A new interactive online tool called "Data Explorer" is now available on the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (OGCC) website, enabling Idahoans to search, review and download oil and gas well information as it is available in the State of Idaho.

House Bill 301 as amended during the 2017 legislative session changed Idaho Code to require the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) to "provide internet access" to certain documents pertaining to oil and gas wells in Idaho by Dec. 31, 2017. The new website was unveiled before the deadline.

IOGCC 1.png

Users can click on any active well and access detailed information on the well's surface location, construction, various events in the well's history, and any documents, images, bonds, inspection reports, or production data.

IOGCC 2.png

"The new Data Explorer web application goes beyond providing the documents we are required to make available under law. It is interactive so users can click on the location of a well in a map and easily access all information about the well with just a few clicks," Oil and Gas Division Administrator Mick Thomas said. "The ease and accessibility of the new Data Explorer web application is part of Idaho's commitment to transparency in oil and gas regulation.”

IOGCC 3.png

The IDL worked with the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) to complete the new web application. The GWPC is an organization of state ground water regulatory agencies that work together to protect ground water supplies in many states, including Idaho.