Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office

The Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office (ONHPO) aims to maintain and revitalize the cultural and traditions of the Osage Nation through the identification, protection, and preservation of archaeological and historic Osage sites within the boundaries of the Osage Nation Reservation and throughout its traditional territories. 

Previously, the ONHPO maintained a series of flat file tables related to its cultural resources and archaeological surveys within ONHPO’s jurisdiction. However, ONHPO desired to migrate these data from flat files into a relational database. Additionally, the ONHPO requested a front end that enables form entry of new data records and creation of reports, as well as the mapping capabilities afforded by an enterprise GIS. This desire culminated in the ONHPO contracting with Coordinate Solutions to develop the Osage Historic Data Management System (DMS), a desktop form editing, reporting, and mapping application built with a combination of Microsoft SQL Server and .NET for the database management side and MapServer for the enterprise mapping application.