State of Indiana, Division of Oil and Gas

The Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) was developed by the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) as a means to estimate the risks, specifically pollution to groundwater drinking water resources, associated with Class II underground injection wells (UIC). Despite its initial design to track UIC data, RBDMS was quickly expanded by many oil and gas regulatory agencies as a means to track other potential risks to ground water resources. Indiana’s Division of Oil and Gas was one such agency that adopted an expanded version of RBDMS for its oil and gas regulatory activities. Coordinate Solutions partnered with Virtual Engineering Solutions and the GWPC to develop this system, which uses Microsoft Access and .NET for the database management side and ArcIMS and ArcSDE for the mapping application.

Among the information that the Division of Oil and Gas tracks with RBDMS is injection and production information, operational data, and mechanical integrity testing results; geological and aquifer data; and regulatory information such as well construction permits, bonds, and field inspections. In addition to RBDMS, Coordinate Solutions also developed a Detached GIS application, much like the one designed for the Osage Nation Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, but customized to meet the specific needs of the Division of Oil and Gas.


Paul Jehn, Technical Director
Ground Water Protection Council
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