Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

The State of Nebraska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (NOGCC) has the dual function of promoting the development, production, and utilization of the state’s oil and gas resources and to ensure that such activities are done in an environmentally sustainable manner. To this end, NOGCC contracted with Coordinate Solutions to help develop the Web Data Delivery System, which provides industry and the public with up-to-date information from the Commission’s oil and gas database. This data mining applications utilizes MapServer, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

In addition to the data mining application, Coordinate Solutions has developed other custom applications for NOGCC, such as a batch datum conversion (re-projection) utility. Due to historical disparities in data collection methodologies, NOGCC database contained geographic coordinate pairs based on either NAD83 or NAD27. To ensure congruence in all data, NOGCC needed to store all locations with coordinate pairs based on both datums. To this end, Coordinate Solutions developed a batch conversion utility that calculated NAD83 coordinates based on NAD27 coordinates and NAD27 coordinates based on NAD83 coordinates limited by SQL Where clauses stored in the App.Config file.


Stan Belieu
Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
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