State of Mississippi, Oil and Gas Board

The Mississippi State Oil & Gas Board (MSOGB) is responsible for the regulation of oil and gas resources in Mississippi. The Risk-Based Data Management System (RBDMS), developed by the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC), has been in continual use in its original form at the MSOGB since 1998. By contrast, in the last 5 to 7 years, the RBDMS application in use nationwide has undergone multiple upgrades and now supports a variety of e-commerce applications on the .NET/SQL Server 2005 platform. The MSOGB expressed its keen interest in upgrading its own installation of RBDMS to take advantage of the new features offered, both as an enterprise and a Web solution.

The GWPC sent two representatives to the Jackson headquarters of the MSOGB, to assess the technical requirements for upgrading the version of RBDMS in use at the agency. As the first step in preparing a complete needs assessment document, these representatives modeled approximately 42 of the MSOGB’s business processes. Sources included a tour of the computing environment, face-to-face and telephone interviews with staff members in each department, and reviews of the Rulebook, the agency forms, and the existing database structure. 
In the course of modeling these business processes, the GWPC needs assessment team developed a series of general recommendations in addition to a set of more specific observations for the upgraded RBDMS application.

MSOGB was the first state in the nation to go live with GWPC's RBDMS.Net system. RBDMS.Net has been in production since 2010 and has received a series of updates since then - incorporating some of the best enhancements that other states added to the system.

MSOGB also uses GWPC's Data Mining system to provide web-based access to information on the state's oil and gas regulatory activity. You can visit the site here.


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